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 Still-life Florals

16" X 20" Oil on Canvas

Unframed - Unfinished Edges

(c) Dennis Lee Brown

Dennis's Fine Art 2021



SKU: IMG-E1148-450USD

    Before Unpacking The Artwork:

    Locate on the wall the position so that when displaying the painting all can admire it. Do not place the painting when unpacking it where it may be damaged from laying it on an uneven level surface. Place the backside of the painting down on a level surface until hanging. LEARN MORE

  • Canvas Information

    The Canvas is of premium quality, stretched on a wood frame, and double primed. The canvas is a woven fabric, most made of quality knitted cotton or linen (flax), usually stretched around a wood frame support, with finished and some without finished edges, and then sealed with sizing primer and ground to prepare the surface for a variety of painting and drawing media. Suitable for hanging, so the painting can be admired by everyone.  LEARN MORE

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