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A Little Waterfall 16” X 20” Oil on Canvas © Dennis Lee Brown 6-2022 - Dennis's Fine Art (

About the Artist
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"Hi there, I am Dennis, and this is my fine art."

I am a vivid & diversified contemporary artist.

WET FRUIT ON SILK  Still-life 17w X 14h charcoal & Graphite on Bristol © Dennis Lee Brown

Elegant Charcoal & Graphite Drawings

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About the Gallery


the Gallery

Welcome to Dennis's Fine Art, where authentic original art is our specialty. Our gorgeous acrylic and oil paintings and elegant charcoal and graphite drawings by Dennis Lee Brown are true masterpieces. Make your space stand out with our one-of-a-kind ...

the Collections

Dennis's Fine Art Gallery is an art gallery displaying the works of Dennis Lee Brown that features his original masterworks, as well as vivid and diversified art pieces from his massive collection. Our collection is ever-changing and always evolving to bring you the best in contemporary, modern, and classic pieces.

OUT & ABOUT Naturescape 12h X 16w Oil on Canvas  © Dennis Lee Brown 7-2023 Dennis's Fine A

Gorgeous Acrylics & Oil Painting

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About the Artist


Dennis Lee Brown, Vivid & Diversified Contemporary Artist
Specializing In Fine Drawings & Paintings

the Artist

Dennis Lee Brown is the second son, the third child of eight of the late World War II & Korean War Veteran “Alexander Brown Sr., son of Richard Brown of Richmond, VA, and the late Julie Ella Brown, second daughter of Julia Thomas of Clearwater SC.


Dennis Lee Brown, born on August 3rd. nineteen fifty-four in Baltimore Maryland became involved with painting in various mediums during his adolescent years. 


In my fifties, I had a vision of myself as a toddler sitting in the floor with pencils, paintbrushes, paint, charcoal, and other art tools around me, and I heard a voice stating, “You were born for this purpose… to be an artist”.


In the seventh grade, Dennis was triumphant in a state artist competition receiving a scholarship to Maryland State College of Fine Art where studies consisted of composition, portrayal, and color integration while learning techniques of drawing.


Living in a rigid era during urban disadvantage, Dennis, at the age of seventeen enlisted in Job Corps.  In 1969 during his intern, his studies consisted of drafting and architectural depiction graduating in the top five of his class.  Upon graduation, Mr. Brown enlisted in the US Armed Forces.  While on a tour of duty in Europe, his company commanders encouraged him to paint murals for the army’s recreation facilities.

A PLANT & A JAR 17w X 14h Stilllife Charcoal & Graphite on Paper (C) Dennis Lee Brown 11-2
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17”w X 14”h Still-life Charcoal & Graphite on Paper
© Dennis Lee Brown 11/2022 Dennis Fine Art (ARR)
Collection: The Winter Drawings of 2022

His military career expiring, he returned to Baltimore, MD where he answered the divine from God, he became a born-again Christian.  Laboring in the ministry, he assumed the leadership of directing the art department of Faith Tabernacle Church.  As the administrator, he enrolled in the Visual Arts Institute of Baltimore where he became an expert in commercial Illustration and graphic design.  Dennis’s works of fine art depict powerful and peaceful inspiration.

Dennis Lee Brown is a multi-talented, versatile practitioner in the skillful craft of fine art painting.  He has completed hundreds of painting in oils, watercolor, acrylics, charcoal, pastels, and graphite.  He has held numerous exhibited in galleries, craft shows, as well as private viewings amongst the fine art community.  He is a vivid and diversified artist whose works brokers, art appreciators, and collectors throughout the USA accumulate.


“My art techniques are that of the old masters with modern style vibrancy that represent what I view.  Working with light, color and a variety of ideas makes the art vivid and diversified.  A well-devised work of art must flow with harmony to the eye as the music flows to the drum that makes the feet pat, the hands clap, and the heart filled with emotion to its’ rhythm.”

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SILVER BLOSSOMS 1 of 2 16 X 20 Oil on Canvas (c) Dennis Lee Brown - Dennis's Fine Art 2021

Art Gallery


Having over 50 years of art skills and a dedication to detail, I bring you vivid & diversified works of art, and I will teach you art techniques to improve your art.  As a student of art, I have learned the science of art composition and the techniques of mastering fine art drawing and painting.  After years of studying and practicing, I went into teaching in private school, private tutoring, as well as tutoring college students and


I do not believe there is magic & tricks or even secrets to completing the artwork.  However, I understand the usage of proven art methods and applied art knowledge, anyone can produce great works of art. 55 years of studying, practicing, and applying scientific art techniques, I bring you vivid & diversified works of art. Landscapes, portraits, still life, seascapes & waterways, and abstracts are my specialty.  I work in mediums of graphite, oils, acrylics, charcoal, pastels, and digital media. “Enjoy the inspiration as you view my art gallery of vivid & diversified artwork.


Dennis Lee Brown a lover of God, retired bishop of Pentecostal Holiness Tabernacle Church of the Christian faith. Now Pastor and Administrator of The Prophetic 

SILVER BLOSSOMS  2 of 2 16 X 20 Oil on Canvas (c) Dennis Lee Brown - Dennis's Fine Art 202

faith. Now Pastor and Administrator of The Prophetic Word online ministry, and Dennis Lee Brown’s Creativity website, Bishop Brown, a multitalented artist indeed.  Included in his talent, Dennis sings and plays the electronic keyboards and is the writer and composer of inspirational gospel music.


He is the author and self-publisher of various short stories including the titles: "Jennifer Blossom’s Predicament", "Somewhere Locked Down", "When Things Go Wrong and Twisted".  The majority of his published literary works are on  


Dennis is also the creator of more than a few hundred paintings of an indefinite number of subject matter in a diversity of mediums.   Mr. Brown produces and directs videos of his art and writes scores of art-tutoring lessons and he instructs art students. 


Dennis Brown Fine Art and Literary works are available for viewing on his social media platforms.  There will be additional creative writings, music, artwork, and videos accruing continually on his YouTube channel.

At present, Dennis is engaged in moderating his wife's' website: "Linda's Headbands & Accessories where is the developer.  He is the sole creator of all his websites and online presence. 

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