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Trans. Dennis Lee Brown Original Art

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Certificate of Authenticity

The Certificate of Authenticity




It is important to obtain a Certificate of Authentication (COA) for any work of art you have in your collection.  Artists use this type of document (COA) to provide information about their artworks and as proof that the work is genuine. 


  1.  The "Artist" means the creator of a work of fine art or, in the case of multiples, the person who conceived or created the (picture) image which is contained in or which constitutes the master from which the individual print was made.

  2. "Author" or "authorship" refers to the creator of a work of fine art or multiple or in connection to the period, culture, source, or origin, as the case may be, with which the creation of the work is identified in the description of the work.

  3. Artists/Authors use this type of document (COA) to provide information about their created artworks and as proof that the work is genuine and that this piece of art is the master original fine artwork.

  4. The signature of the artist/author of/on this document verifies the validity and originality of the work of art.


of Original

Drawings & Paintings

The Original

paintings' and/or drawings’ Certificate of Authenticity
affirms and attests to the artwork's genuineness.

A certificate of authenticity for the original artwork is the official document that accompanies every framed artwork created by Dennis Lee Brown. The COA certificate determines the artwork's provenance. The certificate declaring that the work was indeed conceived by and is the authentic master of which produces all other images.  

The attending document elevates the value of the listed artwork.

It comprises of:

  • Title of the Artwork

  • Subject Featured

  • The Statistics of the Original Painting or Drawing

  • Dimensions

  • Medium Used

  • Medium Support

  • Date of Creation (Year)

  • Amount of the Original

  • The Logo/Seal of the Artist

  • The Artist’s Signature (hand-signed)

Also Includes:

The COA's Authentication Statement

The Artist Statement

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