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Gallery Collections

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Passion Portraits

Portraits of couples in embarrassing positions of emotional expressions towards one another

Life-Like Portraits

Depictions of familiar and famous individuals rendered in variant mediums depicting life-like

Pet Portraits

Vivid drawings and paintings of best friends captured in various mediums on diverse supports

The Tables

The Tables Collection showcases charcoal & graphite drawings obtained on smooth bristle

Framed Originals

A complication of framed original charcoal, graphite, & pastel drawings and acrylic & oil paintings

Music Studio

Music Studio collection is three premium oil paintings on linen canvas of abstract music studio

Premium Blossoms

Premium Blossoms is a collection of beautiful blooming flowers growing in the home garden

Hot Summer Oils

Oil painting on tripled primed canvas, painting season from Spring of 2021 through Summer 2021


“Open-Air Campaign” exhibit is a collection of oil paintings from the Spring & Summer of 2022.

The Monochrome

Monochrome Collection features skilled drawings depicted in charcoal & graphite tones & values

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