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Beautiful Blossoms 2

Art Title

White Honey Magnolia

Butterfly Spread Magnolia

The cool white Blooming Magnolia blossom is an inviting invitation to embrace its beauty. Its closeup view is revealing full exposure of its loveliness as the blossom greets with the salutation of the day.

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White Honey Magnolia
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White Honey Magnolia

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Art Properties

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HONEY-WHITE MAGNOLIA 16 X 20 Oil on Canvas (C) Dennis Lee Brown Dennis Fine Art 2020 IMG-E2234-395.jpg


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• Premium fine pigmented oil paints
• Double primed high-quality stretch
Canvas (Cotton or Linen)
• On a superior wood frame
• Hardware and galvanized hanging wire


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In my garden is a mature Magnolia Tree, which produces beautiful blossoms. Because of my attraction to blossoms, I try to paint as many of them as I can. Painting florals is one of my best pass times.

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