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WAVING PEACE LILY Still-life 17_ X 14_ Graphite & Charcoal on Paper  (C) Dennis Lee Brown

Care & Handling of Drawings

Dennis Lee Brown

Vivid & Diversified
Contemporary Artist
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THE TABLE BY THE WINDOW  14_w X 17_ l Graphite & Charcoal on Paper (C) Dennis Lee Brown 2_

Proper Care and Handling of Fine Art Drawings on Paper

The drawing is 100% hand-drawn and heavily worked in charcoal and graphite built-up layers to accomplish the effects of the finished piece. The Art has several coats of workable fixative spray during the drawing phase and with several sprayings of clear matt final fixative for protection of the master. Because it is charcoal & graphite, the picture will still be prone to smearing and without the ease of moving around, the paper may tear or suffer damage and must be handled with great care until framed.

This finalized drawing of layers of charcoal & graphite stands fixed to specialized artists’ paper (acid-free smooth Bristol) is the original work of art. Drawings especially charcoal and graphite mediums on paper generally refer to flat (as opposed to bound) paper materials, including, drawings, prints, and posters, taking care when handling any drawing collection item is one of the more effective, cost-efficient, and easily achieved preservation measures.

A Lit Pony-Tail Plant & Drapery 17” w X 14” h Still-life Graphite & Charcoal on Paper © De

Drawing Depiction Properties
• Title …….……..A Lit Pony-Tail Plant & Drapery
• Category ……..Still-life
• Dimensions …17” h X 14" w
• Medium ...........Charcoal & Graphite
• Support …..…..Acid-Free Bristol
• Technique …….Hatching/Cross-hatching, & Blending
• Copyright …….© Dennis Lee Brown 2/2022
• Collection …….The Warn Winter Collection
• IMG …………....IMG 0047 2 of 12 595USD
• © Dennis’s Fine Art Gallery & Tutoring: 2023
All Rights Reserved

Dennis Fine Art Gallery & Tutoring  IMG  SC022341.jpg
Proper Storage of Works on Paper

Proper Storage of Works on Paper
Good storage significantly prolongs the preservation of art on paper materials and includes:
• A cool (room temperature or below), relatively dry (about 35% relative humidity), clean, and stable environment (avoid attics, basements, and other locations with a high risk of leaks and environmental extremes)
• Minimal exposure to all kinds of light; no exposure to direct or intense light
• Keep a safe distance from radiators, vents, heaters, and very cold/hot temperatures.
• Supportive protective *enclosures
• Unfolded and flat or rolled storage for oversized papers

Proper When Handling Works on Paper

Take proper care when handling flat works on paper by:
• Handle with just washed and dried clean hands of wear clean white cloves
• Always work in a clean dust-free or particle-free work area.
• Keep food and drink away from the workspace.
• Use a pencil, not ink, to make any necessary marks or inscriptions; in addition, only make inscriptions when the paper is on a clean, hard surface, to avoid embossing the inscription into the paper, which will be visible from the other side.
• Do Not use paper clips, other fasteners, or "dog ear" folding to mark or organize the drawings.
• Do Not use rubber bands, self-adhesive tape, and/or glue on the art.

Classic_Transparent_Frame - Black 1.png
art/picture Mat

A Lit Pony-Tail Plant & Drapery
Mounted, Matted & Glass Framed (example)

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* Enclosures

Fine Art has its’ value, especially to the owner/collector of the masterpiece. An enclosure of archive storage quality is essential for the persevering of the life of the art and can add many years to its existence.

Supportive protective enclosures include acid- and lignin-free folders, mats, and document boxes (all available alkaline buffered or neutral pH); and polyester film sleeves that are stiff enough to adequately support the paper(s) within. Alkaline buffered storage materials provide a desirable neutralizing effect on acids that are inherent in works on paper, especially as paper ages, but be aware that some media found on paper objects may be sensitive to alkaline ph. Polyester film has the benefit of being clear but does not contain an alkaline buffer and with little friction readily produces an electrostatic charge that can lift powdery media such as pastel, charcoal, pencil, and flaking paint.

Classic_Transparent_Frame - Black 1.png
art/picture Mat

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