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Music Studio Series


DIGITAL EFFECTS 2 of 3  Paintings

18"h X 24"w

Oil on Canvas

(C) DLB 2009

IMG 0100-2-3 -1200USD

MUSIC COMPOSITION" (1 of 3) The Music Studio Series

SKU: IMG 0100-2-3 -1200USD
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    Because you spent good hard money on your fine artwork, it is very important to take good care of your prized possession.  It will keep the newness of the art which makes its’ life long and great looking for all to view.  Here are some steps to assist in preserving your great work of art.

    1.  Room/Area Selection: Care for an original painting:  Original Paintings are best displayed in the open where it gets maximum views, but the area needs to be considered.  The place should have proper lighting, but make sure to hang paintings away from direct sunlight, bright overhead lights, and fireplaces.  Do not keep the painting in anywhere with fluctuating temperatures, and also make sure, the wall where the painting is to be hanged is not damped or moist, as all these conditions tend to harm the painting.

    2.  Hanging the Painting: Before you hang the painting, make sure the hook is appropriate to hold the size of the artwork and suspend the painting on a wall stud so that the painting does not fall causing damage.  Do not rely on the regular nail for hanging a priceless painting. Screws or heavy-duty picture-hanging hooks seem to hold the framing more secure.

    3.  Handle with Care: Whenever you need to take down the painting for cleaning, always handle the frame without touching the surface of the painting with your hands.  Hands should be washed and dried to avoid moisture from damaging the surface of the painting. Wear gloves to protect it from your hands.  Never use a rough cloth piece to clean the painting. Always keep the painting away from wet areas.

    4.  Cleaning the Painting: The painting should not be regularly cleaned, but only when required, such as dust or dirt build-up.  The front of the painting should be cleaned gently with a soft white cloth to remove the loose dust on the painted surface, alternatively, a soft microfibre cloth can also be used as the painting requires soft careful treatment.  Do not use harsh detergents, the back of the painting could be cleaned with a very soft brush.  The simplest way to clean an oil or acrylic painting on canvas is to use a white cotton cloth soaked in gentle soapy water; olive oil-based soap works wonders as it removes build-up grime.  Be gentle with paintings with thick impasto, as you do not want to break hardened paint.  If you find any insect infestation, DO NOT KILL THEM ON THE PAINTING, rather remove them then kill the bugs.  For any yellowing or damage on the painting wrap it in bubble wrap and take it to an expert art restorer for examination or restoration.



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