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Dennis's Fine Art Gallery proudly presents the Potted Loco Coco & Fruit. This captivating piece of art is sure to bring a unique and vibrant atmosphere to any living space. The Loco Coco Plant's foliage is artistically arranged around a linen cloth which is adorned with ripe fruit and a glass. It is a perfect piece to add a touch of nature and beauty to any home. The Potted Loco Coco & Fruit is also a great gift idea for friends and family.  This unique artwork by Dennis's Fine Art Gallery features a Loco Coco Plant and ripe Fruit, set against a linen background. The potted plant's foliage waves in the light, adding a touch of movement to the piece. Each artwork is original and captures the beauty of nature. Perfect for adding a naturalistic feel to any gathering area whether in the workplace or home, the Potted Loco Coco & Fruit is a stunning addition to any art collection.

Potted Loco Coco & Fruit

SKU: IMG0045-395USD
  • Care and Handling of Drawings


    Proper Care and Handling of Fine Art Drawings on Paper

    The drawing is 100% hand-drawn and heavily worked in charcoal and graphite layers to accomplish the finished piece.  The Art has several coats of workable fixative spray during the drawing phase and with several sprayings of clear matt final fixative for protection of the master.  Because it is charcoal & graphite, the picture will still be prone to smearing and without the ease of moving around, the paper may tear or suffer damage and must be handled with great care until framed.

    This finalized drawing of layers of charcoal & graphite stands fixed to specialized artists’ paper (acid-free smooth Bristol) is the original work of art.  Drawings especially charcoal and graphite mediums on paper generally refer to flat (as opposed to bound) paper materials, including, drawings, prints, and posters, taking care when handling any drawing collection item is one of the more effective, cost-efficient, and easily achieved preservation measures.  Read More

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