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Beautiful Blossoms 2

Art Title

A Pale of Blossoms

A Metal Bucket of Flowers

In an old blueish-silver bucket is a bouquet of a gorgeous arrangement of oversized blossoms. These colorful flowers are in the container affixed in the corner of an earth-tone wall while resting on the cream floor.

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A Pale of Blossoms
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A Pale of Blossoms

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Art Properties

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16" X 20"
Oil on canvas
(c) Dennis Lee Brown
Dennis's Fine Art 2021


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• Premium fine pigmented oil paints
• Double primed high-quality stretch
Canvas (Cotton or Linen)
• On a superior wood frame
• Hardware and galvanized hanging wire


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I observed a bucket of flowers and figured it would make a good composition. I set off to capture the plush florals opened to their glorious peek. Using bold brush strokes and artist knifes loaded with oil paint, I completed the masterpiece.

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