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RALPH THE CAT 11 X 14  Oil Pastels on Paper  (C) Dennis Lee Brown  Dennis's Fine Art 2002

Draw: "Ralph the Kitten"

with Dennis Lee Brown

Enhance your drawing skills far beyond the next level.
Drawing techniques that take your art out the box, and put you in the circle of artist

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Take The Challenge

At Dennis's Art Tutoring, we are enthusiastic about helping students of all ages to express themselves through art. Our goal is to enhance their drawing skills and provide them with guidance on how to best use their creative abilities.

We offer one-on-one tutoring and group classes for students of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Whether you're looking to sharpen your existing skills or learn something entirely new, we have a program that's perfect for you. Our experienced instructors provide the tools and guidance to help you unlock your artistic potential.

Dennis's Art Gallery & Tutoring is an online gallery of fine drawings and oil paintings where enhanced tutoring, creativity, and imagina-tion come together to create art far beyond the next level. Our mission is to provide the highest quality art instruction and tutoring to adults and children alike. My tutoring strives to bring out the best in each of our students. Whether it is painting or drawing, the tutoring will help you discover your inner artist and reach your creative goals. Visit us and sign up today and get creative! We offer private sessions tailored to your individual needs, as well as group classes where you can explore the creative process in your safe environment. Whether you are just starting to draw or are a seasoned artist, our goal is to help you explore your artistry and take your creative ability to go far outside normal drawing.

At Dennis's Art Gallery & Tutoring, we believe that original art and art tutoring should be available and affordable to everyone. With over 55 years of drawing and painting experience, I am here to help you unlock your full artistic capability and allow you to create art far beyond the next level.

We offer a wide range of art classes, providing you with insight into the techniques, principles, and methods of painting and drawing with each class specifically designed to help you reach your highest artistic goals. Our classes are fun, and engaging and designed to help you explore your full creative potential.

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Depicting Properties


  • Artwork:……….RALPH THE CAT

  • Category:……..Still-life Arrangement

  • Dimensions:….17” h X 14" h

  • Medium:.........Oil Pastels

  • Support:…..…..Acid-Free Bristol

  • Technique…….Hatching/Cross-hatching, & Blending

  • Copyright:…….© Dennis Lee Brown 2/2022

  • Collection:…….Pet Portraits Collection of 2022

  • IMG:…………….010-295USD

  • © Dennis’s Fine Art All Rights Reserved

Dennis's Fine Art - Gallery & Tutoring

Download Instruction:
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​     2.  Name the file
     3.  Save the file
     3.  Use the file as often as you like

Drawing Instructions

1.  Draw "Ralph the Cat" in charcoal, graphite, dry./oil pastels on artist white Bristol 300 Series Artist Paper

Materials Required

  •  Full Range of "B" & "H" drawing sticks or pencils

  • Hard, Medium & soft Charcoal

  • Fine Drawing

  • White Drawing Support (artist' paper, canvas, or hardboard) Recommended size:  11" w X 14" h

2.  Upload Your Drawing
Upload your finished drawing to the File Share Library 
in Materials.

Upload your drawing to the file share library

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